How did Web App Express help the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer, it's customers, and suppliers?

"Thank you, Web App Express, for stepping in to help us through a very challenging situation. Your professionalism has been much appreciated."

Jon B.


How did Web App Express help a manufacturer and distributor through a critical business challenge?

This manufacturer and distributor of custom lighting fixtures and furniture spent considerable money to acquire an "off the shelf" accounting and inventory tracking system. Unfortunately, after months of working with it, they came to the realization that it would not meet all of the unique needs of their business without a great deal of very expensive modifications. So they began building a system in house.

Sadly, the architect of their new system passed away just as it was about to roll out. It was about 70% complete, had not been debugged and no documentation had been created. This left our client in a difficult spot.

Web App Express stepped in to analyze, troubleshot, debug and complete construction of this accounting and inventory management system. The end result is that our client was quickly back in control of its crucial information.