How did Web App Express help the international sales force of a database software provider streamline sales forecasting and tracking across the globe?

"The application you built for us works great!

It has eliminated errors from our ordering process and saves both our in-store sales people and home office staff time and hassle."

Andy G.


How did Web App Express help a growing retailer gain efficiency and improve customer service?

Web App Express built a web based application that allows store employees across this rapidly growing enterprise to order out of stock items centrally.

In the past, when a sales associate sold an out of stock item he would send an e-mail or make a call into the home office to request that the priority item be delivered to the store. But as this retailer began to grow rapidly, the inefficiencies of sifting through e-mails and phone messages became apparent.

Today, using the solution built by Web App Express the system is automated and e-mails and phone messages are eliminated. Sales associates fill out a simple online item order form, submit it with one click. Home office personnel then open a comprehensive order report that is automatically prepared and current up to the minute.

This solution has eliminated errors and reduced the burden of both store associates and home office staff. The end result is greater efficiency and improved customer service.